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Only 3 Steps Needed:


Pay fee

Pay the Fee for your test. All major credit and debit cards accepted. We will despatch the sample bottles the same day.


Fill bottles and return to the Lab

Bottles can be dropped off at any of our sites or you can return by post. To view a list of drop off points, please click here.


Receive Results by Email

Certificate of Analysis will be issued to you within 10 working days of receipt of your water bottles by the laboratory.

ALS - your first choice for all Tests

ALS Laboratories offer testing of drinking water both for domestic sources of drinking water (wells), and also for drinking water suppliers and companies. Order analysis of drinking water now!

Whatever your requirements for analysis, please feel free to contact us with the requirements for analysis. Including microbiological, foods, drugs, various environmental components (water - sewage, raw, ground, surface, material), waste, soil, sludge, sediments, biological samples, samples of oils, but also industrial-samples with the needs of specific analysis.

Who are we?

ALS is one of the largest and most diversified laboratory, inspection and certification companies. ALS is also one of the largest commercial laboratories in the world with more than 13,000 employees working in more than 350 laboratories in 55 countries. The main laboratories are located in Australia, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, The Middle East and Africa.